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Program Fee Schedule

Donor Fees: Starting at $5,000**
Inclusive Agency Fee: $7,500

Included Fees:

  • donor short-term, temporary complications insurance
  • donor psychological evaluation
  • donor genetic counseling
  • legal fees for recipient
  • legal fees for donor
  • donor escrow account fee
  • administrative fee

Fee Exclusions:

  • physician fees
  • medications
  • lab work
  • surgery center
  • RN to administer injections (if required)
  • RN to assist with pre and/or post retrieval care
  • IQ testing (if requested)
  • criminal background check (if requested)
  • mileage
  • travel (air, bus, train, rental car, etc.)
  • daily travel per diem
  • hotel
  • childcare
  • credit card transactions

**First time donors are compensated $5,000 which incrementally increases per successful donation with a maximum cost of $10,000.

Fees and costs subject to change without notice. This schedule is based on a January, 2017 estimate. Please call our office with any further questions on our program fees and related costs.



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