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Egg Donor Compensation

Compensation with our agency is based on the number of successful donations achieved resulting in the following:

$5,000 first time donor
$7,000 second time donor
$9,000 third time donor
$10,000 fourth through sixth time donor

Although we have heard of instances where donors have received compensation over the amount of $10,000, the ASRM frowns upon compensating over this amount.   Our agency prides itself in adhering to the ASRM’s guidelines.

You will receive a 1099 for the total compensation paid to you in a calendar year. The full amount of the compensation is reported to the IRS and you are responsible for the payment of all taxes due. PPI mails the 1099 form to your address that is on file and also specified on your requested W9 form.

All incidentals relating to the donor process (i.e. travel, hotel, parking, daily per diem when applicable, lab costs, physician costs, temporary short-term insurance policy for 60-90 days during donation process, legal costs, etc.) are all covered by the intended parents and are in no way a responsibility of the donor.



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